Brent FransonBrent Franson now serves as Senior Director of Advanced Client Solutions for, the leading online reputation management company in the world based in California’s Silicon Valley. An original member of the company’s executive staff, Mr. Franson interacts with high-profile clientele, utilizing his knowledge of search engine technology to create custom solutions to manage their online reputations. Brent Franson has also contributed significantly to’s growth since joining the company in 2007 and has leveraged his skills toward new product development and the recruitment, training, and oversight of the sales team.

Prior to joining, Mr. Franson built a full service search engine technology company with offices in California, Colorado, Philadelphia, and India. Over the course of seven years with his previous firm, Mr. Franson focused his efforts on expanding the business and building long-lasting relationships with his clients.

Additionally, Brent Franson spearheads the Online Reputation Management Association (ORMA) as President. He has held this position since helping to create the global nonprofit organization in 2009. Consisting of leaders from throughout the industry, ORMA seeks to establish a code of ethics in online reputation management and to keep apprised of the legal aspects of this emerging field.


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